In this role you will be required to fulfil video editing duties for our clients, creating interactive and engaging video content from long form videos.

This position is going to start out part time but has the potential to gradually turn into a full time role over the next few months for the right person.

What our clients expect from us:

  • Great quality videos - Videos placed in our clients uniquely designed templates with their branding
  • Attention to detail - Minimal mistakes, awesome but professional edits and no misspelled words in titles/captions. 
  • Quick turnaround - We have a 2-3 business day turnaround guarantee on all orders.

What we’re offering:

  • A part time role: 10-20 hours per week (hours will fluctuate at the beginning but also could turn to more very quickly)
  • Working hours will need to be on Australian time (AEST) Preferably 12pm-5pm, (Days will be confirmed with the individual)
  • Salary is $11AUD per hour ($420PHP)
  • Work in a small but efficient team who love making clients happy
  • Work from your couch, an office, a co-working space, your kitchen. We don’t mind. This position is remote only.
  • This is an opportunity to grow with the business and lead a team in time. 

Duties will include: 

  • Watching long form video (a webinar, interview or face to camera recording) and choosing the best pieces to turn into shorter videos - also known as timestamping
  • Trim/edit clips from the original long form video for specific formats
  • Add titles and captions to videos (must be minimal mistakes)
  • Adjust custom designed templates when needed
  • Check and revise spelling of words on captions
  • Download videos and organise into client folders
  • Must be able to revise as much as needed until signed off by client

Characteristics we’re looking for: 

  • Friendly - You’re easy to talk to
  • Willing to learn - You may not know everything but you love doing something new
  • Attention to detail (This is a big one for a video editing position) - You double and triple check your work even though you know you it’s ready!
  • Great communication - You’re not afraid to ask questions or make me aware of issues you are having
  • Efficient with your time - You are a disciplined in your daily routine that allows you to get the work done

Skills required:

  • Basic video editing experience & knowledge - Knowing when to make the right edits. IE - Not cutting words off at the beginning or end of the clip and knowing how to clean up a clip with clean cuts and cutting out the unnecessary pieces.
  • Must be able to sit and watch through a long form video and choose which pieces are the most impactful and then turn that into an awesome/engaging videos. You will not always receive the sections from us on which edits to make. You MUST be able to watch through a video and choose yourself, which pieces you should extract and turn into a video.
  • Must have experience in creating short content for TikTok & Instagram Reels.
  • Content creation experience - Knowing how to capture an audience’s attention by creating a unique title for the videos and choosing the most impactful pieces to turn into a video.
  • Basic graphic design experience - Custom client templates require adjustments, so you will need to be able to catch when images, text, on screen elements, don’t line up properly when creating videos and adjust accordingly.
  • Must be able to speak and write English fluently - Captions/transcriptions on videos are a big part of this role and all of our clients are english speaking. (Mostly Australian and American)
  • Must know how to use Google Suite (Docs, Drive, ect.) - Uploading and downloading from Google Drive, Using Google docs for the video editing information, etc.