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Subscription-Based Video Editing Services 

Turn your video content into engaging clips for social media.

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We turn your:

interviews, podcast episodes, webinars, coaching calls, self recorded content


timestamped, shareable, engaging meme style videos for social media

 Just send us a link to your content   and we'll do the rest.

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This is the easiest way to put your video content on autopilot, so you can continue running your business. 

Clipfluence is a subscription-based, video editing service. We provide an affordable, hassle-free, and professional solution to take the stress, overwhelm, and headaches out of producing awesome clips for social media.

Send us your raw or published video, we'll wrap it in one of our beautifully designed templates (or create a custom one for you), accurately caption it, add your branding elements (logo, website, social media handles) and get it back to you within 48 hours, ready for you to share with your audience on your favourite platforms.

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The best part? Our service is fast, professional, reliable & unlimited.

So if you’re a busy coach, entrepreneur, business owner or marketer you'll love how easy the process is and professional the outcome looks.

No more do it yourself video projects. No more searching for the 'perfect'  freelancer that doesn’t exist. No more expensive in-house video editor.
With our video editing for a flat monthly rate - you'll never have to worry about video editing again.


Submit your videos in less than 60 seconds

Yup! That's all it takes! No matter what time of day, simply, fill out our short video order form so we understand exactly what you want and we will get busy creating!

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Our Australian editors will get to work crafting your videos

It’s really that simple, after your video order has been submitted, your time is no longer needed (in a nice way!😉). Our team will get busy working their magic.

Receive your polished videos within 48 hours

Yep, 2 days! No more chasing or waiting on video editors only to be let down. You will have  'ready to post' video content within 48 hours!

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Get your first 3 videos free

Still not convinced this is as good as it sounds? We will let you try it out for free. Simply click the button below, upload a few resources that we can work with and we will get your 3 example videos sent over to you within 48 hours.

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Get your first 3 videos for free

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