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All your content, automated.
Send us one video. We'll do the rest.

Tap into a highly leveraged content automation system.

clipfluence.Pro makes content creation simple by providing a collaborative content automation solution to help you strategise, create, publish, and maximise your content. Hands free. 

You're working too hard. Produce content smarter by investing in a leveraged automated content system which includes:

A customised content marketing strategy

In-depth Search Engine Optimisation 

Social media specific video editing

Professional copywriting & editing

Social media platform management

The best part? Our service is fast, professional, reliable & custom to you.

When you sign on to work with clipfluence.Pro, you unlock access to a team of content creation experts who will work tirelessly to help you achieve your content marketing goals. Your dedicated account team is made up of a content strategist,  SEO strategist, video editor and depending on your package, our graphic designers and digital copywriters.

Our clipfluence.Pro repurposing framework

Using one piece of your authority 'video content' (a webinar, vlog, Zoom call, interview, keynote, webcam recording, etc) we'll analyse and repurpose that single piece of authority content into other micro pieces of content that are designed to over index on the platforms we distribute them to on your behalf.


1. One long form piece of authority video content
Think of authority video content as a long form content piece which all other content is derived - preferably video

2. Craft short form micro pieces of content
i.e blog articles, social videos (reels, stories, posts) picture quotes, newsletter content, copy for social media platforms

3. Distribute all content on relevant social platforms, your website and your newsletter platform (where your audience is)

4. Listen to your audience to find out what pieces of content resonated with them and double down on learnings


Take a look at one of our client's repurposing strategy mapped out ↓

This client sends us a monthly 60 min Zoom coaching call recording and the clipfluence.Pro team are able to repurpose the recording into over 17 pieces of high quality micro content including: a podcast episode, optimised 1,000+ word blog post, 13+ social media posts (video, images, copy), an educational newsletter & 25 min optimised YouTube video. 🔥

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What makes clipfluence.Pro different from other content marketing services?

We're so glad you asked. 


You get more than just content

We don't just make awesome content, we follow a proven strategy boosted by keyword research on your industry to ensure clipfluence.Pro is a solid investment in your business.

An automated content machine... finally 

You have more important things to do than worry about creating your own content. You have a business to run. By tapping into our strategy, experts and experience you're able set and forget your content creation, hands free.

Experts in all areas - dedicated to your account

Every person on our team has been handpicked with this service in mind. From your SEO strategist to your video editor - each person is a master of their craft working collaboratively to get you the best results. 

It's simple, efficient and predictable. 

A strategy done for you... or with you

We've built our system so you can plug & play our 6 month content strategy as your marketing plan or use it in conjunction with what's already working in your business.

We pride ourselves keeping things simple & efficient because like you, we're focused on getting results for our clients. Call us boring but we feel like peace of mind knowing your content is high quality & sorted for the month ahead is the type of predictability we love. 

More affordable than trying to do it yourself

By leveraging off our skills and experience - you get access to a full suite of content creation experts at a fraction of the cost sourcing and managing a team yourself. 

So, what's included with clipfluence.Pro packages? 

It all starts with strategy. Every clipfluence.Pro package starts with an interactive strategy session designed to reveal how you can dominate your industry with curated content. This time together allows us to really get to know you, your business, your goals and where the opportunities for us to assist lie.


From there, we'll put together a custom content creation solution that works for you, without you.

SEO & Strategy

Keyword research 

Keyword strategy

Content optimisation

GMB management

Video Editing

Reels / TikToks

IGTV / Stories

YouTube editing

Meme style posts

Graphic Design

Video thumbnails

Picture quotes

Social media posts


Blog articles

Newsletter (EDM) content

Long form content for socials

Copy for social media posts

Platform Management

Social media platform posting

Blog publishing

EDM creation & sending

Community management

Podcast Production

Podcast artwork

Episode editing

Content for show notes

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Real client reviews of working with us

Your work is done.

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