Client Overview

Jordan Hardgrave is a certified trauma and resiliency life coach and the creator of the Trauma Free Academy, where he helps trauma sufferers become symptom free and experience post traumatic growth using the healing power of their own body.

Jordan quickly realised with the growing momentum of TikTok and Instagram video content was going to be a pivotable part of attracting new leads into his business.

After struggling to find a reliable video editor that produced quality work, Joran was introduced to Clipfluence from another very happy client and the rest is history.

Our Approach

To help Jordan build his audience online we partnered on producing enough sharable social media clips to allow Jordan to keep the algorithms happy and post daily. We also create a monthly YouTube video from the same content. #leverage

For his vertical social media video content, went with a traditional meme style design layout as a heading, progress bar and subtitles were requested.

The Result

At time of writing this case study, a total of 20 Clipfluence produced vertical social media videos have generated over 500,000 views on TikTok leading to 7x return on investment for Jordan. #win 🏆

Need we say more? What business owner wouldn't mind that type of ROI?

"One Clipfluence video resulted in a 7X ROI on my marketing budget. I've realised how powerful visibility & consistency is for my business to succeed online." - Jordan Hardgrave