Client Overview

PK Gupta helps people achieve passive income through property investing using his data driven system to buy top 5% growth & high cashflow property in Australia WITHOUT wasting months doing "research", spending weekends at inspections or dropping $15k on Buyers Agents each time.

Chances are, if you're into property investing, you've seen PK's videos online.

Our Approach

To spread the word of this self-paced online course, the Property Investment Accelerator - we partnered with PK to transform his weekly video content into engaging clips for social media and help break into the TikTok scene.

As PK uses data and graphs in his approach to sourcing high yield property, we went with a full screen - talking head design to ensure the context of any data references were able to be seen while still keeping the video engaging to watch.

We create enough video content for PK to post one Reel/TikTok video daily, all from only one video recorded by PK weekly.

The Result

Engaging video + consistency of posting daily = 2,000 + followers on TikTok in less than a month 😍

This has resulted in thousands of new Facebook group members and a steep increase in new confident investors (course sales).

"Tyler and the team are the real deal. The reels have been so beneficial for my business and it’s practically not taken anymore of my own time, as a business owner. Working with them is a no brainer!" - PK Gupta