Refer a friend & save on your package

Earn a $25 recurring credit towards your package for every referral you send us

Why refer Clipfluence?

We believe that as a coach, entrepreneur, business owner or marketer, you shouldn’t have to struggle to get your message out to the world.

Our mission is to remove the pain of video production, and help our clients reach their audience through engaging and shareable social media clips.

And to say thanks for helping us achieve our mission, we want to pass it on by giving you a recurring $25 credit towards your package with us every time you send us a new client, for the life of the client. 


Wait.. did we say recurring credit? You bet!


How much can you save on your package through referrals? 

We currently offer a $25 recurring credit for the life of the clients you send us. To keep it simple for you and us, we do a flat $25 recurring credit per client, each month no matter the package your referral signs up for.


Send us 1 referral, you get $25 credit towards your package each month for the life of the client you refer. Send us 2 referrals, you get $50 credit towards to package each month for the life of the clients you refer.


You get the picture! 

So how can you refer a new client?

We love this question! 😂  It’s super easy.

Simply send us an email with your referrals contact details and a warm introduction and we'll do the rest. We'll reach out, make contact and see if we're a good fit for their business and video editing needs.


If they're keen to move forward with one of our packages and sign up, we'll let you know and instantly apply the $25 recurring credit to your account with us.

Have someone in mind? Please let us know, we'd love to help!