Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Once subscribed to a chosen package, we then get busy building out all of the resources we need to get your video content in the works. You will receive a Google Drive link that is personally created for you. You will have specific folders where you will then upload all of your videos and resources (logos, images, etc) that we will need to create your custom video templates. To make this process even easier, in order to build out your custom templates, we have a form that we will send you that outlines everything we need to know in order for our team to get busy designing your custom template that will be in your videos. Within 2 business days, you’ll receive an email to review and leave feedback on the first set of videos. You can have as many reviews as you'd like, but keep in mind – we only work on one video order at a time. Once we have your tick of approval for the video order, we then upload them into that same Google Drive folder where you can go in and download at any time. Keep in mind, we only move on to your next video order once your previous order has been finalised.

What kind of videos can I request?

Our speciality is repurposing your video content into short mini clips for you to post on your social platforms. Think in terms of podcast interviews, tutorials, live events, webinars, trainings and more. What sets us apart even further is we are able to go through and timestamp great pieces of content from your long form videos without any guidance required from your end. We do have some limitations:

  • your videos, when completed, will have a max time limit of up to 3 minutes for the Bronze package, up to 5 minutes for the Silver package and up to 7 minutes for the Gold.
  • we don’t edit music videos
  • we don’t edit wedding videos
  • we don’t do extensive animations
  • we don’t do voiceovers
  • we don't edit with a lot of B-Roll footage
We are a video editing company that offers simple and professional style content. We are here to make you look like the expert that you are without all of the distractions of the extra video elements that aren't needed.

How soon will I receive a completed video?

We do our best to deliver the first draft within 2 business days after you submit your video order to us. After that, you have time to leave your feedback and ask for revisions if needed. You might be good to go with the first draft, or we might need a revision to get it right.

Can I cancel at any time?

We have a minimum 3 month subscription. After the 3 month period is over, you then automatically go month to month and can cancel anytime after that. Keep in mind, we ask that you give us a 30 day cancellation notice so we can finalise any projects and close out your account. P.S. - We do offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you sign up and you are disatisfied for any reason within the first 14 days, we will give you a full refund of the package cost. Please know, you will not receive a refund for the $150 setup fee.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package?

The short answer is yes. We are happy to work with you and adjust to your specific video needs.

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